The how-many-times-do-you-come girl

This is what businesswoman Angela Bruno has come to be nicknamed in the aftermath of Berlusconi’s disgusting “sex banter” with her as she presented him with a contract at a recent ceremony.

Do you come?…only once?…how many times do you come?…with what sort of time intervals?

He followed this up by deciding her offer was good after evaluating her backside. The exchange has gotten over a million hits on Youtube.

In response to Bruno’s demand for an apology, Berlusconi said this:

Yes, yes, young lady, my apologies…But don’t read [leftwing] newspapers like La Repubblica anymore.

Adding later,

She was having a great time, she asked me for an autograph and a photo. Then she let herself be influenced by those … two-bit moralists.

I know, those darned moralists. They ruin the fun for everyone don’t they?