The "Monti effect" in maternity wards

I had one. So have about half the women I know who’ve given birth in Italy. As I have mentioned before, cesarean sections are performed at a higher rate in Italy than perhaps anywhere else in the world besides Brazil. Now, finally, it seems that the Italian government is going to try to change this. 

According to La Repubblica online, Mario Monti’s health minister Renato Balduzzi has launched an investigation into the “extremely high” number of cesareans carried out in certain regions of Italy. Bergamo Sera reports that the national average is 38.2%, whereas the World Health Organization says it should be around 15%. This alarming trend has led to suspicions of “opportunism” on the part of the medical staff involved, which is what the carabinieri (Italian military police) assigned to the case will be probing.

Thanks to Liz for sending me the link.